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DX Bush Split Sleeve Bearing

DX Bush Split Sleeve Bearing

DX , Marginally Lubricated Bearings, ♦ Description Metal-polymer-composite material Steel + porous bronze sinter + POM with lubrication indents Lead free & Low-maintenance ♦ Features 1. DX Marginally Lubricated Bearings is for grease or oil lubricated applications. 2. DX Marginally......

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DX, Marginally Lubricated Bearings, 

♦ Description

Metal-polymer-composite material 

Steel + porous bronze sinter + POM with lubrication indents 

Lead free & Low-maintenance

 DX bush split sleeve bearing


1. DX Marginally Lubricated Bearings is for grease or oil lubricated applications. 

2. DX Marginally Lubricated Bearings standard parts contain grease indents in the sliding layer, and plain sliding layer is also available on request. 

3. DX Marginally Lubricated Bearings has optimum performance under relatively high loads and low speeds. 

4. DX Marginally Lubricated Bearings is suitable for linear, oscillating and rotating movements.

  Process  flow

 DX bush split sleeve bearingDX bush split sleeve bearing


Automotive: Steering gear, power steering, pedal bushes, seat slides, king-pin bushes, tailgate pivots, brake caliper bushes, etc. 

Industrial: Mechanical handling and lifting equipment, machine slides, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors, ski-lifts, pneumatic equipment, medical equipment, textile machinery, agricultural equipment, scientific equipment, etc.


 DX bush split sleeve bearing

As one of the leading China dx bush split sleeve bearing manufacturers and suppliers, DERNORE has dx bush split sleeve bearing distribution, welcome to wholesale products from our factory.

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