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Bearings are equipped with making an important basis in parts
Apr 22, 2016

Equipped with card-making industry, a State Industrial Development Foundation, is Center part of manufacturing, undertaking for the national economy and national defense construction supply production technology is equipped with load. Establish strong equipped with production, completed the localization progress of high-end equipped with China's comprehensive national strength copper-based rolling bearings, completed the fundamental guarantee for modern industrialization. Because the "three bases" industry lags, high-end equipped with production companies in China must import price-related spare parts and high-end equipped with production costs sharply progressive corrosion resistance of stainless steel bearings, crunch on corporate profit, severe constraints in China equipped with card-making career. Because of this, recently released by the Ministry of machinery, production technology and information industry "Twelve-Five" plan States that, when China's "three basic" rough industry lags behind the hosts and is probably part of the cure in the industrial chain of change, progress "three bases" industrial level sustained competitiveness in the world as a whole is around the corner.

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