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what should be attention when the tire mould assembled
Jan 02, 2018

    what should be attention when the tire mould assembled 

1) the each parts must be cleaned by compressed air before assemble and there is no dirt and sundries clinging in the part face.the fitting surface must be polish ensure none burry to guaranteen the assembly precision .

2)all of the fastening piece that usually disassembly and assembly need apply the rust preventing oil when assembled.that's can guaranteen the screw can easy to disassembly and assembly.

3)on usually all of sliding surface need smear a grease(MoS2) that can apply in the high temperature environment.such as :wear plate ,guice piece or top/bottom sidewall plate etc all need smear. but this grease are easy abrasion,that's can increase the cost and working time.our product(DNB#200 sinter plate) can solved this problem .because our products made from our new materials(DNB#200) that un-need to smear the grease.

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