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Advantages Of Graphite Copper Sleeve And Cold Welding Technique Of Copper Parts
Aug 09, 2018

1. High welding accuracy, with long pen tips and placement of able to touch the repair, welding position, small and small welding spot welding of the injection molding machine copper sleeve of small sauce of the amount of sauce. 2. Mechanical use, welding surface can form, and other functions enhanced. The environmental protection work process is polluted. 3. Low incoming hot true cold welding. The microstructure of the metal SOB graphite copper sleeve is unchanged and the processing performance is not affected. 4. Wide screen source electrode, easy to operate economical and practical, high work efficiency, can achieve the function of correction and maintenance. 5. Ferrous metals suitable for nonferrous metals, almost all metal conductance.


Copper spare part is a very rare cold welding technology, the secret must control the copper and self-lubricating plate cold welder, in the use of copper, the production of copper must play a greater role, the heat input is low. It does not change the state of metal, it does not affect the mechanical processing performance. Metallurgical combination gas protection is good, the welding strength is high. The welding accuracy is high, so the point can reach the place to repair, the welding position, the accurate welding is small, after welding the entire amount. Applicable to nonferrous metals, ferrous metals, and an electrically conductive metal almost all kinds of multi-purpose, can deposit welding, surface strengthening and other functions. Environmental protection, no pollution in the working process. 

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