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Bearing Assembly Principle And Precautions
Jul 30, 2018

The coordination of moving bearing mainly refers to the coordination of the inner ring and shaft of the bearing assembly and the coordination of the outer ring and the seat hole. The bearing's weekly orientation is guaranteed by the copper bar.Since the rolling bearing is standard, the inner hole of the bearing is the reference hole when cooperating with other parts. The outer ring is the reference shaft, and its coordination code is not marked. Actually bearing aperture and outside diameter of copper bushing have smaller negative deviation tolerance zone, and generally cylinder datum holes and datum axis deviation direction, numerical value is different, so the bearing inner hole and shaft of the cylinder is much similar with matters.


The selection principle of rolling bearing with type of bearing is determined by the high and low speed, the size of the load and the change of temperature. It can reduce the rotation accuracy and increase the vibration. It may be difficult to remove the bearing due to the excessive elastic deformation of inner and outer ring. In general, high speed, large load, temperature changes large bearing some persons to be tight fit, often remove the bearing of persons to be loose, rotate the ring fit should be tight, swimming fulcrum of the outer ring should be loose some. The rotary axis of the bearing inner ring is often used in n6, m6, k5, k6, j5, and js6. J6, J7, H7, G7, etc. Are used in the bearing hole with the non-rotating outer ring.

Due to rolling bearing with considerations are usually relatively tight, for ease of assembly, preventing damage of bearing, reasonable assembly method should be taken to ensure the quality of assembly, combination design should also take corresponding measures.


When the bearing is installed, the small bearing can be lightly and evenly hit with the copper hammer. Large bearing can be pressed in by press. Large size and tight bearing can be used to heat the hole parts before mounting. It should be noted that the force should be applied to the assembly ring, otherwise the bearing will be damaged. When the bearing is disassembled, special tools can be used for easy disassembly. The positioning shaft shoulder height of the bearing should be lower than the inner circle height, and its value can be used for bearing samples.

Set down when cup inside the bearing axial moving distance is longer, usually using tapered roller bearing, its outer ring assembly respectively, convenient operation, and a set of cup Kong Fei cooperate the diameter of the part should be slightly larger, inside is benefit for the load of the bearing outer ring, and reduce the inner hole finishing area. 

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