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Bearing Classification And Daily Inspection
Sep 04, 2018

1.The importance of bearing on mechanical equipment


Bearing in the process of “low speed and heavy loading operation”, the motor DERNORE self-lubricating bearing can rotate converted into mechanical power and change the direction of movement , its MPBZ oil-free bushing use lifespan to improve equipment availability and productivity have the effect of key components, so in production, to strengthen the inspection tour of equipment bearing regularly at ordinary times, gas, oil changes, maintenance is extremely important.


2.Classification of bearings


Bearings can be divided into two categories, namely, sliding bearings and rolling bearings. There are two types of sliding bearings: the first, the fixed type, the shaft and the bearing pedestal pouring into one, the second type LFB oil-free bushing, the axle and the bearing block. This form is easy to maintain. Rolling bearings are divided into four forms:


1.Thrust bearing, bearing axial load;


2.Axial thrust bearing, bearing radial axial load;


3.Bearing radial load bearing radial load;


4.The general bearing. The bearing is widely used, different equipment performance, load, technical requirements and other characteristics, with different types of bearing configurations.


According to the relevant state regulations on use of bearing, the highest temperature in the operation of the sliding bearing in no greater than 60 ℃, the highest temperature rolling bearing in the operation principle of not greater than 70 ℃. Top oil temperature not to exceed 60 ℃, otherwise easy to bearing damage and breakage.


3. Bearing damage and failure formation


The damage and failure of the bearing are mainly caused by serious oil loss, fatigue damage, impurity entry and protection of the permanent deformation of the protection frame.


In the daily inspection work:


Look - Look at the height of the oil level, check the time of oil filling, the amount of oil, the amount of grease added and the model specifications for each equipment bearing oil.


Listen - listen to the needle tool to see if the device is stuck in the operation, whether it is noisy or not.


Touch - The temperature of the surface of the bearing can be measured by using the thermometer, or whether the temperature of the outer shell of the bearing can be used in the numerical requirements of the controlled range technology.


4. Bearing inspection method and prevent damage


In our daily inspection work, we use the listening, touching and inspection methods to understand the principle and maintenance of the bearings in the operation of production. Sliding bearing is mainly used in high speed, low speed heavy load devices, such as: turbo-generator set, rotary kiln of wheelset, coal mill, cement mill, large motor, it is the nature of the sliding friction, so the equipment lubrication method with the method of thin oil terminal water cooling, oil circulating in produce a layer of isolation between shaft and bearing oil film, the lubrication effect, at the same time reduce the friction heat generated by the bearing shell.


Rolling bearing is mainly used in small motor, reducer, transmission shaft, roller device, such as it is rolling friction is nature, ways of rolling bearing lubrication is grease, lubricating oil or solid lubricant. The clearance of the rolling bearing (i.e. oil clearance) is to ensure the normal operation of the rolling body, lubrication and the compensation for thermal expansion. The purpose of bearing seals is to prevent dust. Water is used to enter bearings and prevent lubricant loss. Before bearing and shaft assembly, the diameter of the measuring shaft and the inner diameter of the bearing should be measured, avoiding the phenomenon of too tight loose. The tight assembly will make the gap between the gap of the oil gap smaller and the bearing temperature rise. Loose assembly, bearing run inner sleeve or coat, resulting in damage to shaft and bearing. It is strictly forbidden to use the hammer to knock directly when assembling the bearing, but it can be used in the transition of copper rod or sleeve. 

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