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Bearing Seal Ring Bearing And Seal Technology?
Apr 22, 2016

In the recent development of rolling bearings at both ends, installed appropriate sealing device. Its role is to maintain the grease inside the bearing on the one hand (oil) will not be lost in the use, ensure the bearing in lubrication, on the one hand protect the bearing outside of dust or gas does not enter the bearing cavity du bushing damage to prevent damage to the bearings. Rubber or plastic seals common, have a steel ring (or shields). Its sealing ring sealing structure varied, its sealing effect is not the same. Sealing gaps with the hinge, called non-contact seal, gap is smaller, better seal effect, but allows the rotational speed of the shaft is smaller; instead and vice versa. Without gaps between the sealing ring and shaft, called contact seals, lip seals contact the larger contact area, seal the better, but it allows the axis of du combined speed bushings the smaller instead of vice versa. Sealing technology research content is research and development applied to the corresponding seal under all kinds of conditions, as well as the sealing material such as communion with the appropriate grease.

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