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Brief Contact Of Rolling Bearings Seals
Apr 22, 2016

Rolling bearings-contact seals

1, radial rolling bearings-contact seals

Commonly used radial contact seal of rolling bearings including the felt ring seals, oil seals, packing and sealing ring sealing. Because in this kind of seals, shaft seals and other parts directly in contact or dry bearing, therefore, inevitably cause friction and wear in the workplace, and to set the temperature, it generally applies to medium and low speed bearings seal under operating conditions.

(1) the felt ring seals: applicable temperature less than 100 ° c working environment. Felt ring bearings impregnated with oil before installation, with good sealing effect, short-term use, felt ring into a pressure-free State the seal due to serious friction, used only the circumferential speed is less than 4m/s for the occasion.

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