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Characteristics Of Copper Sleeve (copper Casting)
Sep 05, 2018

We see copper (copper) set in the using process of exactly what are the unique characteristics, to analyze the characteristics of the copper sleeve now where, only a real understanding of the features of the copper sleeve DX oil-free bushing, where can we do use it skilled services business transformation, in order to avoid when using the erroneous zone.

Graphite copper sleeve of the sliding bearing lubricant, described in the copper substrate metal sleeve configuration development of DU oil-free bushing friction surface, the appropriate size hole to ease, and embedded mos2 and graphite as solid lubricant, product attributes in automobile lubricant downturn, solid lubricant is usually 20 to 30% of the friction surface. The JDB Graphite copper sleeve principle of the lubrication of the sliding shaft and bearing friction in the process of the graphite particles friction surface of the shaft and bearing to entertain wild hope, to form a stable axial separator was transferred to the solid lubricant layer and bearing, prevent direct adhesive wear.


Metal alloys and integration of forward price nonmetallic bearing materials, and its performance advantages complementary logistics industry, which is high load capacity of the metal, the lubrication performance of friction materials sector is expected to copper, it is a reasonable combination.

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