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Copper Plate, Self-lubricating Plate, Metallurgical Equipment Copper Plate
Jiashan Dernore Bearing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 09, 2018

A device made of a copper slide or other material that can withstand, fix, guide a mobile device or device and reduce its friction. STW self-lubricating plate, longitudinal grooves or ridges on the surface of guide rail for guiding, fixing machine parts, special equipment, instruments, etc. Guide is also called the slide rail, linear guide, linear slide rail, used for straight line reciprocating movement situation PCWPT self-lubricating plate, has higher rated load, than the straight line bearing can bear a certain torque at the same time, can be achieved under the condition of the high load and high precision linear motion.


Metallurgical equipment refers to the various machinery and equipment used in the process of smelting, casting, rolling, handling and packaging of metallurgical industry SEW self-lubricating plate. Also called metallurgical machinery. The metallurgical process is complex, and the corresponding metallurgical machinery is characterized by its large structure, large energy consumption, continuous production and complete equipment. Metallurgical machinery works in high temperature, dusting, overloading and corrosion. It is required to meet the requirements of high efficiency, reliability, complete, durable and energy saving.


Bronze, aluminum bronze belongs to high strength heat-resistant stable mechanical properties under high temperature (400 ℃), has good anti-friction property, in the atmosphere, freshwater and seawater corrosion resistance is very good, hot pressure good processability, strengthening heat treatment, welding, brazing, not easily machinability is good.

Tin bronze casting copper alloy wear resistance and corrosion resistance, easy to process, casting performance and air tightness are better. Used for high load, moderate sliding speed, wear resistant and corrosion-resistant parts, such as axle, shaft, brass, bushing, cylinder sleeve, piston clutch, pump gland and worm wheel etc. Tin bronze copper sleeve is one of the important accessories in metallurgical equipment. 

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Jiashan Dernore Bearing Co.,Ltd

Address: No.668, Chengqiao Road, Chengqiao Community, Weitang Subdistrict, Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province, China

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Fax: +86-573-84027519

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Jiashan Dernore Bearing Co.,Ltd