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The Characteristics Of Copper Sleeve And Its Function In Mechanical Equipment
Aug 31, 2018

The copper sleeve is characterized by high hardness, excellent wear resistance, not easy to bite dead phenomenon, good casting performance and cutting performance Cylinder earrings copper sleeve, good corrosion resistance in atmosphere and fresh water. Wear-resistant parts can be used for high load (below 20Mpa) and high sliding speed (8m/s), such as connecting rod, bushing, bearing, gear, worm gear, etc.

Characteristics of copper sleeve:

Compressive ability: copper set of compressive capacity is good, its agricultural machinery copper sleeve of surface pressure is very big, can very good bear the lateral pressure of bearing, in the case of high load pressure copper bushing can also operate, used in situations of low speed and heavy loading.


Corrosivity: another characteristic of copper bushing is corrosion resistance and good corrosion performance. It is mainly used in the atmosphere and fresh water, because the environment for Bearing steel sleeve is relatively good. In the process of using copper bushing, it is generally not easy to bite dead. Corrosion resistance of copper bushing is mainly manifested in some chemical elements, its performance is better, even without lubricant and lubricant of water quality is still can be normal work, the sliding resistance and self-lubricating performance can still be maintained.

Wear resistance: the wear resistance of copper sleeve is better. Different materials have different characteristics. Brass parts internal organization or more closely, there will not be too loose phenomenon, it is no stomata trachoma, so from appearance looks still more bright copper bush, its color is more special. And the most important thing is that its hardness is relatively high.


The role of copper sleeve in mechanical equipment:

Copper covers are widely used in mechanical equipment today. Copper bushing plays a lot of role in machinery, such as reducing friction, reducing vibration, reducing noise and so on. These are the effects of copper bushing on machinery. Copper covers are being used more and more in the present market, and people are more trusting of it. In the process of mechanical operation, because of the wear of parts caused by long friction, copper bushing needs to be used at this time. Because it can help reduce friction. 

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