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The Most Commonly Used Copper Sleeve In Construction Machinery
Sep 05, 2018

With the increasing of construction machinery and increasingly perfect, for the demand of copper components such as bearings and copper sleeve so on, also in a sharp increase in the copper sleeve the most important thing is that these components, because it is to make the core of mechanical work. So how do you choose a component that is so important?


Copper sleeve is a kind of mechanical lubrication components, different because the material, process, etc, and is divided into many kinds, each have their own copper set of features, so the choose and buy of different industries also have a little difference. For engineering machinery, the most common use is graphite copper sleeve. Graphite copper sleeve is produced by graphite. The structure of graphite is relatively slack. It is very simple for the opening of the hole, which is the preparation and preparation for the operation. The copper sleeve surface of the hole is opened, and the solid lubricant is embedded, so that a self-lubricating bearing is formed to reduce the amount of lubricating oil and enhance the operation efficiency of the engineering machinery.


The graphite copper sleeve and self-lubricated bearing allow the engineering machinery to operate rapidly, while reducing the use of various raw materials and enhancing working efficiency. So for large machinery, heavy machinery, engineering machinery such as complex and sophisticated equipment, it is best to use graphite copper sleeve, self-lubricated bearing, to make the product optimal and the highest quality. 

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