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The Introduction Of The Principle And Characteristics Of Copper Worm Gear Worm
Sep 03, 2018

The lead Angle of the worm is the Angle between the tangent of the worm and the spiral Angle of the worm, and the spiral Angle of the worm wheel Copper nut is high. This paper introduces the principle and its characteristics of the copper worm gear.


Worm gear and worm principle and use: the copper worm gear and worm drive principle: copper worm gear and worm drive is used for copper turbine shaft intersect into 90 degrees, but are neither parallel nor intersect with each other, usually in the worm gear, worm is active, and worm gear is passive.

The copper worm gear reducer is a kind of wear-resistant block drive mechanism with compact structure and large transmission ratio and has self-locking function under certain conditions. The hollow shaft cochlear gear reducer not only has the above characteristics, but also has convenient installation and reasonable structure, and is widely used. It is in the worm gear and worm reducer input with a helical gear reducer, consisting of multistage speed reducer can obtain very low output speed, than the single-stage worm gear deceleration machine has higher efficiency, and little vibration, low noise and energy consumption. The gearbox in the elevator is used to match the copper turbine worm reducer with steel copper, so it can't be used for ordinary gear oil, but can only be used for the oil of the turbine worm, and has no corrosion to the copper turbine.


Many of the gear oils contain sulfur additives that can chemically react with metal elements on the surface of the gears to prevent serious sintering on the surface of the gears. But under the boundary lubrication condition to prevent metal to metal contact at the same time, under certain conditions is corrosive sulfur type additive, especially for the yellow metal, such as copper, brass, bronze, the worm gear and worm in industry commonly used for metal materials and other components. The best way to choose the right product is to have a comprehensive understanding of the type, material and operating conditions of the gear. Select the right lubricant according to the equipment load, running speed, operating temperature and other requirements.

The worm drive of copper worm gear has the following characteristics:


1. Large transmission power range 2. The work is stable and noiseless 3. The structure is compact and can get a large transmission ratio, and the average transmission ratio is 7-80. 4. The transmission efficiency is low, the worm wheel often needs to be made of nonferrous metal. Worm screw has a single head and a long one. The calculation of transmission ratio is as follows: I=n1/n2=z/K n1- worm rotation speed of n2- worm wheel speed k-worm headcount z - worm gear. 

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