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The Overall Structure And Design Of The Bearing Block
Aug 25, 2018

Usually, components, general motors and functional components. Therefore, the design method and principle of the whole structure is the opposite of the general mechanical design method and principle. But, because of its use function and function.

Use object even metal and nonmetal materials, processing and forming for the qualified parts MPTZ flange oil-free liner bushing (salt pieces, plastic parts, forgings, etc.), and each pair can only be used for processing and forming a kind of specific parts, strong commonality, is a kind of common forming tool. Therefore, the bearing design has the following characteristics and requirements:


Accuracy and positioning


The concept of precision and understanding is the fundamental concept and understanding of the design personnel of the Oil groove bushing bearing. The precision of the bearing pedestal includes the whole assembly and the zero, the status of the parts and the dimensions, the matching precision and the positioning accuracy. Such as die blanking clearance value and its average sex, plastic injection mould, die-casting mould clamping positioning and orientation precision, etc., are required by the shape, position precision of convex die and concave die, guide the installation position and matching accuracy Excavator large arm copper sleeve.

Therefore, it is necessary to stop the strict design and calculation of dimensional precision in the design of the bearing seat. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the manufacturing process and process precision of the zero and parts, so as to ensure the fine function and reliability of the bearing seat.

Due to the use of fine manufacturing technology, the size accuracy of the forming task parts has been achieved # " ### !$$ level, the term "#" error concept.


Guide installation of bearing seat


The direction of the bearing movement direction is guaranteed by the directed installation. At the same time, the direction of the installation is on the average of the gap between the bearing seat, and the exact fit motion also plays a role of positioning. Direct installation of guide mounting and guide mounting (including sliding and rolling); Guide plate orientation installation (including normal guide plate and self - smoothing guide plate), secondary for large punching die, sliding block and guide rail composition of inclined core guide; Four kinds of guide plate guide for die feeding.


The direction of the bearing movement direction is installed, because of the fine orientation and fine positioning function, so the requirement of high precision, the guiding rigidity is good, often used the positioning guidance.


Deformable, unloading and core design


The mould of plastic injection mold, die casting mould and mechanism design, the unloading structure and mechanism design of die mould, and the design of core mechanism, are the key technology of the design of the bearing seat.


Plastic injection mould, die casting die, usually adopt the design of the die Angle on the shape, and set the top part mechanism on the die setting. The parts of the top piece have been normalized.


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