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Introduction Of The Relevant Knowledge Of Steel Tube Steel High Temperature Prefabrication And Direct Buried Insulation Pipe
Aug 31, 2018

For steel tube steel high temperature precast embedded insulated steel pipe, the most important first is the quality bronze bushing. Because of directly buried steel are commonly used to transport steel insulation steel high temperature and high pressure steam, if substandard pipeline leak or scrap issues such as, the loss will be very large, and accidents may occur. Therefore, you must pay attention to the quality of the product when you buy the GCr15 steel sleeve, not only the price is cheap, the quality and price are good, the price is good, but not cheap.


Directly buried steel set of steel steam pipe has been applied in the industry, and 45 steel bushing are getting more extensive recognition and application of the following is our project department construction of directly buried steel recently set of construction technology of steel steam pipe simple talk about their own points of view.


First, we first understand the installation process of steel tube pipe.


The process flow of steel sheath steel is basically similar to the construction process of other thermal pipelines. It is mainly made in the prefabricated piping and the bending.


Secondly, we are going to discuss the construction methods of the main process of steel tube steam pipeline:


To participate in the construction of personnel must be familiar with drawings, carefully understand the working principle of the general situation of the piping system and construction technology of installation requirements and matters needing attention, what everyone clear their own tasks and to achieve quality standards.


Stock preparation

The technical staff shall submit the material plan according to the drawing requirements. The material plan shall indicate the type specification, material, quantity and standard number. Materials used in this project is in the normal and the products of the company, and must have evidence of material and the corresponding certificate of approval, should go to the manufacturer if necessary, the valve must be pressure test records, the bulk density of insulating material must meet the design requirements, and the quality of qualified, keeper material-in inspection must be conducted, recorded.

Measurement and release

Reference to civil transfer data, and check the position of the civil engineering professional is correct, the depth and width of trench is in line with the requirements and do the re-inspection record, if there is a very poor or wrong place must report to the owners and design, processing as soon as possible.

Along the clear understanding of heating pipeline construction personnel, construction, building, buried part to clear the status of the underground structures and obstacles, such as underground obstacles encountered, must be promptly reported to the owner or representative, if necessary, the pipe should be around or make changes.


According to the drawing requirement, the line should be fine and clear. 

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