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DNB-#200B Oilless Self-lubricating Sinter Bushes
Mar 29, 2017


1.Uniform dispersion of solid lubricant allows the oilless self-lubricating bearing to be used under friction condition from any direction. Also, superb performance of fretting wear resistance is provided. 

2.As a kind of engineering machinery bearing, this product can be used without oil. 

3.High load, excellent wear resistance, and unexceptionable speed characteristic 

4.We can supply standard goods and different specifications of plates used for secondary processing.

DERNORE is a veteran steel-backed bearing manufacturer. As the processing cost increasingly rises, each company is unceasingly reducing production cost so as to maximize the benefits.

Our company has developed the new kind of DNB-#200 oilless self-lubricating sinter bearing to replace DNB-#50 traditional type. This new product can achieve the same wear-resisting property as that of DNB-#50 type. Also, it is resistant to dust, corrosion and impact. It performs well in various industries including the injection molding machines, tire moulds, and the engineering machinery (such as excavator, etc).

The DNB-#200 oilless self-lubricating sinter  bearing shows better lubricating property when compared to DNB-#50 type. Its entire surface is lubricated, so it is difficult to form oil film in the reciprocating motion, rocking motion, and the frequent start, etc. Its wear-resisting property is much better.


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