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Features And USES Of The New Engineering Plastic Polyethylene
Jul 30, 2018

Excellent characteristics of polyethylene super skateboard:


Excellent electrical function, extremely low water absorption rate. Excellent environmental stress cracking function is 200 times of PCWPT self-lubricating plate. Excellent low temperature resistance, not brittle even at -180 degrees. Self-lubricating function is good, the wear coefficient is small, the flow resistance is small, save energy. The impact strength is high and the resistance is good. Even at low temperature, the shock won't crack. It is excellent for chemical resistance, and it can be used for the acid, alkali and salt dielectric of the SEW self-lubricating plate (except for concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated nitric acid and a small amount of organic solvent). Non-toxic, odorless, non-exudate. STW high self-lubrication plate wear resistance, because of their common molecular structure, wear resistance is higher than normal metal products, 6.6 times that of carbon steel, stainless steel of 5.5 times, 27.3 times that of brass, nylon 6 times, 5 times of ptfe.


Polyethylene ultra-high skateboard is used for wear resistance and impact resistance


1) textile machinery


Textile machinery is the earliest use of UHMWPE. Now, on each textile machinery abroad using UHMWPE parts evenly 30 pieces, such as picking, picking stick, gear, coupling, flower stem, buffer block, eccentric, rod bushings, swing back rest impact resistance and wear parts, etc.


2) papermaking machinery


Paper making machinery is the second category used by UHMWPE. Now, the dosage of the UHMWPE is used in paper making machinery accounted for 10% of the total, if choose UHMWPE manufacturing wiper plate of paper machine, suction box cover plate, guide plate, foil, pressure parts, joint, seal shaft rod, partial idler pulley, scraper, filters, etc.


3) packaging machinery


Use UHMWPE to replace the modified fluorine plastic manufacturing guide, the sliding block of the transmission equipment, the fixed plate, etc., uhmw-pe guide rail, gasket, protection (plastic steel).


4) general machinery


UHMWPE can make gears, CAM, impeller, roller, pulley, bearing, bearing, bearing, shaft, shaft, pin, gasket, gasket, elastic coupling, screw, tube card, etc. Protective panels such as pier and bridge pier.


2. Use self-lubricating and non-stickiness


1) information storage and transportation


UHMWPE can be used to make powdery fabric, such as silo, hopper, chute and other reflux equipment, sliding surface, roller etc. Coal bucket, powder type product hopper, etc.


2) agriculture, construction machinery


Use UHMWPE to make the wear resistant plate, bracket, etc.


3) stylistic supplies


UHMWPE can be used to make skid skateboard, sled, etc.


3. Use of corrosion resistance and non-absorbent


1) container packing


Using uhmw-pe to make solar energy containers is one of the most widely used UHMWPE.


2) chemical equipment


Use uhmw-pe to make chemical industrial parts, such as sealing plate, packing material, vacuum mould box, pump parts, bearing lining, gear, seal contact, etc.


3) delivery of pipes


4. Use clean and non-toxic


1) food and beverage industry


In drinks, light industries, the first to use its excellent abrasion resistance, impact resistance, self-lubrication and non-toxic manufacturing all kinds of gear, CAM, shipping line wear-resisting guardrail, strap, guide rail and a variety of anti-friction, self-lubricating bushings, fabrics, etc. For example: food machinery, star wheel, guide wheel, bearing liner, etc.


2) medical treatment


Use uhmw-pe to make artificial human body parts.


5. Use of other functions: ship parts, cryogenic mechanical parts, etc


1) low temperature resistance


2) use of electrical insulation


UPE can be used to manufacture acid lead accumulator separator (film), and the dosage is 4000 tons/year.


3) the use of high modulus fiber


Use UPE to make bulletproof fabric, etc.


4) in the coal mine


UPE can be used to make the roller liner, wire rope roll, lifting skip, jug ear, tank road beam, belt roller, conveyor scraper, baffle, chute, and jet slurry, etc. 

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