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How To Buy Agricultural Machine Bearing
Jul 31, 2018

Bearings are the supporting parts of rotating shafts or movable parts of various machines. The FB090 bronze bushing is widely used for agricultural machinery such as agricultural vehicles, tractors, diesel engines, electric motors and threshing machines. The bearing codes are used for bearings, but the bearing code is more complex. If the farmer has the rules to identify the bearing codes, it is easy to choose.


Commonly used bearings are standard models, code-named "0", the tolerance level for "G" (common), general bearing of the first paragraph can not write, so the code more luffing cylinder copper bushing to basic symbol set of 7 digits. For example, the meaning of bearing code: example 7002136(135 series diesel engine shaft main bearing), its basic code is identified from right to left to agricultural machine bearing. "36" is light in double digits, and its calculation method is 36 x 5 = 180 mm; "1" represents the light weight of the diameter series; "2" indicates the type is cylindrical roller bearing; "00" indicates that the bearing structure has no edge; "7" indicates that the width series is narrow. Other standard type bearing codes can be used if the machine is selected for a seven-digit number.


The bearing internal diameter of the bearing is multi-reference bearing, and the inner diameter of the bearing is indicated by the first and second digits of the right end. The inner diameter of the bearing and the non-standard internal diameter, the non-standard internal diameter is not an integer or 5 integer. For the convenience of the machine, an example is given to indicate the actual size of the first digit of the bearing inner diameter below 9mm. For example, bearing number 18, its internal diameter is 8 mm. Bearing inner diameter is expressed in 10-17 mm. For example, the bearing number 100, 201, 302, 403, the inner diameter of the inner diameter is 00, 01, 02, and 03 respectively. The inner diameter of the bearing number is 10, 12, 15, and 17 mm, respectively. Bearing internal diameter of 20-480 mm (except for 22, 28, 32), the diameter of the bearing is divided into 5. The internal diameter of the bearing bore is more than 500 mm (22, 28, 32). The denominator represents the inner diameter, and the numerator represents the size series, type and structure of the bearing. For example, bearing 30031/560, the inner diameter is 560mm, and so on. 

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