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How To Reduce Tire Mould Container Maintenance Cost
Dec 17, 2016

DNB#200 sinter product is consisted of two layers as one layer is the sintered layer, the other layer is the steel layer. Dernore is bonding them with the special technology called as vacuum bonding. According as the sintered layer was made of Fe-CU-C system. Dernore attains to raise the lubricant effect by adding a great many of Cu powder in sintered layer. Also, the sintered layer holding a minute porosity was impregnated with high viscosity lubricant oil.

  We have developed a new  advantages product  for end user only advantages, no disadvantages. Compare with tradition bimetal plate , normaly lubricates area just 25%. But the sintered material, 100% area can be with lubricating function,Then in reciprocating motion,rock motion movement, frequent start.etc.there will be forming a oil film on the sliding layer. Better wear -resisting performance than tradition self-lubricating products.


DNB#200 is a self-lubricating composite material.

Sintered metal sliding layer on steel basis.

sintered layer: Cu, Fe, Ni, Sn, with solid lubricants.  Graphit, oil impregnated

above contain material design is difference as DEVA plate and other chinese bimetal plate,

application on It can widely application in Auto press Die,Tire mould container,Other heavy equipment rotation or sliding parts.

After we follow real tire mould container working technical condition and do Reciprocation Test, Our wear plate working life at lest can gurantee 3 years,

as our customer feedback, if our wear plate can working more long time, one year, they will saving ten million CHINA YUAN every year, and also improve the tyre quality and production speed,

we welcome all tire company study and comminication with us, more detail technical data and test result will show to your company,

then we can get win-win situation!

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