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The Application Principle Is Chosen For INA Rolling Bearing
Sep 04, 2018

The bearing configuration includes not only rolling bearings, but also components related to bearing, such as shafts and bearing seats. Lubricants are also a very important part of the bearing configuration because the lubricant Sf-1 oil-free bearing should be worn and protected against corrosion so that the bearings can be fully utilized. In addition, the seals are also a very important part, the performance of the seals is essential to the cleaning of lubricants SPB self-lubricating bearing. Keeping clean has a profound impact on the life of the bearings, which is why DERNORE band edge self-lubricating bearing lubricants and seals have become part of the SKF bearing business.


(1) the size, direction and nature of the bearing load


The load is the main factor of bearing. Roller bearings are used to withstand heavier loads, ball bearings are used to withstand lighter or moderate loads, carburizing steel manufacturing or bainite quenching bearing, which can withstand shock and vibration loads. In the direction of the load, the deep groove ball bearing, cylindrical roller bearing or needle roller bearing can be used when bearing pure radial load. Thrust ball bearings can be used when bearing smaller pure axial load. Thrust roller bearings can be used when bearing large pure axial load. When the INA bearing is subjected to the radial and axial combined load, the Angle contact ball bearings or tapered roller bearings are generally used. For the cantilever support structure, taper roller bearings or angular contact ball bearings are often used in pairs.


(2) the bearing occupies the space and position of the machine


In mechanical design, the size of the axis is generally determined first, then the rolling bearing is selected according to the size of the axis. Usually the small shaft chooses ball bearing, the big shaft chooses roller bearing. However, when the INA bearing is limited in the diameter of the machine, the ball or roller bearing of roller bearing, light and ultra light series is chosen. When the bearings are limited in the axial position of the machine, narrow or narrow series of balls or roller bearings can be used.


(3) bearing rigidity


The rigidity of bearing is the magnitude of force required for bearing deformation. The elastic deformation of rolling bearings is small, can need not consider in most mechanical, but in some machinery, such as spindle, bearing rigidity is an important factor, generally should choose the cylindrical and conical roller bearing. Because these two kinds of bearings are under load, its rolling body and raceway belong to the point contact, the rigidity is poor. In addition, all kinds of bearings can be pre-tightened to increase the purpose of supporting rigidity. As angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings, to prevent the vibration of the shaft, increase the bearing rigidity, often at the installation of a certain axial force, so that the pressure is tight. It is noted here that the pre-compact volume is not too large. When too large, the friction of the bearing will increase and the temperature rise will affect the service life of the bearing.


(4) core performance of bearings


When the shaft centerline is different from the center line of the bearing seat, Angle error, or because of the axis of two supporting spacing of larger axial rigidity with smaller, easily bend or tilt, can choose good self-aligning properties of self-aligning ball or spherical roller bearings, as well as outside of the ball bearing. This type of INA bearing is able to work normally when the axis is slightly tilted or bent. 

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