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Introduction Of Commonly Used Gaskets
Jul 31, 2018

There are various kinds of gaskets. According to the thematic data of their construction, there are three kinds of non-metal, semi-metal and metal gaskets.

1. Non-metallic gaskets. Non - metal gaskets are soft, corrosion resistant and cheap, but the temperature - resistant copper sleeve is not good. The flange seal for medium, low pressure vessel or pipe in temperature. Non-metallic gaskets include rubber gaskets, asbestos pads, asbestos rubber copper gaskets, flexible graphite pads, and ptfe pads.

2. Semi-metal gasket is also known as metal composite gasket. Non-metallic materials have good flexibility, compressibility, and bolted valve brass. But its main determination is that the intensity is not high, the resilience is poor, unsuitable for high pressure high temperature situation. So combined with the strength of metal materials, good resilience. Can taste the characteristic of high temperature. A gasket composed of a combination of the two. It's a semi-metallic gasket. Semi-metal gaskets mainly include metal coated gaskets, metal surround gaskets, metal ripple matching gaskets, metal teeth matching gaskets, etc.

3. Metal gaskets. In high temperature and high pressure and load cycle under harsh operating conditions, such as frequent, various metal materials still is the first selection of sealing gasket materials, commonly used materials are copper, aluminum, low carbon steel, stainless steel, chromium nickel titanium alloy steel, monel alloy, etc. In order to reduce the bolt load and ensure the compact structure, except for the metal flat pad, the method of selecting the ring pad structure with line touch characteristics is preferred. 

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