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Linear Bearing Common Sense
Aug 03, 2018

Linear bearing is a kind of linear motion system with low cost, which is used for the cooperation of infinite stroke copper bushing and cylindrical shaft. Because the bearing ball is in contact with the shaft, the load is small.

The steel ball is rotated with minimal friction to obtain the smooth motion of the high-precision bimetal bearing. Linear bearing is widely used in electronic equipment, tensile testing machine and digital 3 d coordinate measurement device and other fine equipment, and multi-axis machine, punching machine, tool grinder, active gas cutting machine, printer, card sorting machine, industrial machinery, such as food packaging machine of sliding parts.


Smooth and friction. Grease smooth linear bearing internal write linear bearing into the anti-corrosive oil. If grease is smooth, remove the anti-corrosion oil with oil or organic dissolve, then add smooth grease after drying. Advocate use sticky tags for N0.2 smooth lithium soap grease.. Oil is smooth If oil is smooth, don't have to wipe out the anti corrosive oil, according to the temperature change can choose ISO viscosity grade VG15-100 smooth oil. Shaft smooth pipe in water supply for people, or for oil from the oil hole on the bearing seat. Because the sealing ring can shave off smooth oil, the oil slick does not apply to the bore bearing with sealed ring. The friction coefficient of friction coefficient is 0.001-0.004. The energy loss caused by friction is small. The temperature influence is negligible when the movement speed is less than 60m/min. Friction force can be obtained by the following equation: F = ц. · P + fs F: friction force (N) * : seal resistance (2 ~ 5 N) P: external load (N) ц: friction coefficient. The device. The working gap and bearing inner hole and optical axis diameter using the cooperation of public servants. Generally, the bearing cannot be preloaded, but high precision and light preloading can be added to the bearing, but the negative diameter of the public service should not exceed the data in the table. The bearing box and the shaft and bearing space cooperation.


The bearing box device.

Several methods of bearing box for standard type carring and fixed plate. Bearing with positioning screw device can cause bearing coat deformation and should be prevented.

The precision of the inner hole of the bearing box with the flange type device is accurate.

The adjustable (small open) bearing and the opening of the bearing box are straight, and the circular direction can be uniformly preloaded.

Large open type bearings can also be adjusted for the gap and can even be loaded with light preload if used in cooperation with suitable bearing bases.

Matters needing attention when device When the linear bearing load bearing seat, should apply for work, prevent directly on face or seal, bearing should be applied evenly import, with buffer plate, with gently tap into the axis through linear bearings, shaft and bearing must be the center line of a straight line. If the axis skewed into, ball may drop, or maintains a variant, and the linear bearing formation damage Loads should be evenly distributed on the whole bearing, especially to accept sudden load, should use two or more bearings. The linear bearing does not accept rotational load, which can cause an accident. 

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