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Installation Method And Precautions Of Plane Bearing
Aug 01, 2018

How to install a flat bearing, some people will find it very simple, but others will make mistakes, because some points of attention can easily be ignored, which can lead to the wrong start.

Installation method of flat bearing:

The plane bearing is mainly subjected to axial load in the assembly, and its application is extensive. Although flat bearing installation operation is simple, but there is still has common errors when we are maintaining FB090 bronze rolling bearings. locking ring of the bearing and loose ring installation position is not correct, the results lose bearing, shaft neck quickly wear. The diagram shows a tight ring installed on the end of a stationary part of a JFB flip liner liner, which is an error assembly. Tight ring of inner ring and shaft neck for the bimetal sleeve bushing of transition fit, when the shaft rotates driven tight ring, and end face friction with stationary parts, under the axial force (Fx), there will be friction torque is greater than the inner diameter with resistance moment, locking ring and shaft mating surface forced rotation, intensifying journal wear. The correct installation method is to replace the loose and tight ring.


The following points should be noted in the installation of flat bearing:  

1. Distinguish the tight ring of the bearing and the loose ring (in accordance with the inside diameter of the bearing, the aperture difference is 0.1-0.3 mm).  

2. Distinguish the stationary parts of the mechanism (i.e. the parts that do not occur, mainly the assembly).  

3. In any case, the loose ring of the bearing should always rest on the end of the stationary part.  

The above is the plane bearing installation method and the note related introduction, the seemingly simple matter, is also the place where people often make mistakes. However, such mistakes should be avoided as long as the error occurs and the bearing is vulnerable to damage and thus to work. So, the most important thing about the installation of flat bearings is to remember the correct position of loose and tight.


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