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Mould And Die Standard Guide Plate
May 05, 2017

DNB#200 mould and die standard  sinter guide plate

The DNB#200 Self lubricating Bearing is composed of wear-resistant sintered layer and metal substrate.

Sintered Layer

The sintered layer is produced from special copper alloy, equally distributed graphite, and PTFE solid lubricant, to generate solid lubricating film with low coefficient of friction and low shearing strength during micro-movement of the composite bearing. Even under heavy load, the mating surface can be covered with the lubricating film, perfectly.

Metal Substrate

The metal substrate of the Self lubricating Bearing is meticulously designed for outstanding mechanical strength and dimensional stability. Generally, Q235 carbon steel is used for exceptional load carrying capacity, offering working function equivalent to DEVA BM bearings. Based on actual customer demand, we can also manufacture the metal bearing with stainless steel or copper substrate. In addition, surface coating is optional for good resistance to corrosion.


   Plug graphite bearings are primarily used in applications that need continual lubrication in hard to reach areas. Graphite is mechanically forced

 into the holes/grooves under extreme pressure. A film of lubricant is transferred to the shaft as it begins to turn. These bearings offer continuous 

lubrication over long periods without maintenance. Plug graphite bearings provide a mechanical lubrication system with graphite. They are 

oilless and self lubricating. These bearings are designed for long life without downtime.Additional capabilities include graphite filled grooves

 and wear plates. Send us a drawing or sample. Generally, we'll have a price back to you within 24 hours.

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