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MP10 Composite Bearing
Jan 11, 2017

MP10 Composite Bearing (Steel Backed PTFE Coated Bronze)

1.The MP10 composite bearing is made from steel backed PTFE coated bronze. It adopts high-quality low-carbon steel as its base plate. Its middle part is sintered with a porous spherical copper powder layer. Surface of the metallic bearing utilizes PTFE-based wear-resistant lubricant as a bearing working layer. The lubricant has superb mechanical load-carrying capacity. The copper powder layer can timely transfer heat produced in bearing operation process, while simultaneously improving the binding strength of plastic layer and base plate.

2.PTFE design is suitable for use in completely dry friction state. Diversified materials have been developed in accordance with the durability, lubrication condition, and the coefficient of friction. Regardless of external lubrication or no lubrication, PTFE metal composite material of the MP10 composite bearing can offer the best performance within the widest range of load, speed and temperature.

3.This product adopts simplified oil supply design. With high reliability and durability, it can effectively reduce maintenance cost and time. Due to low friction coefficient and strong wear resistance, its service life is greatly extended. In addition, this product is a perfect combination of metal and polymer, thus providing superb self-lubricating property. The steel-backed bearing is highly resistant to corrosion. It is widely applied in the printing machinery, textile machinery, tobacco machinery, and the fitness equipment, etc.

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