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Oil Bearing Lubricating Oil Characteristics
Aug 06, 2018

Excellent output rate: excellent low start torque and low friction torque characteristics for Jiashan oil-free bearing, make the miniature motor bearing operation easy to achieve the ideal effect of easy operation and smooth operation and significant reduction in energy consumption!

Excellent anti-oxidability: micro oil bearing special lubricating oil, high viscosity index and excellent high and low temperature performance. Under the condition of the same high temperature oxidation resistance stability is more outstanding for powder metallurgical bearing, more effectively in high temperature conditions provide abundant oil film strength, so as to achieve stronger ability to resist coking, more effectively to avoid the sludge plugging oil micro holes for oil bearing.

Low evaporation: miniature oil bearing special lubricating oil, have under the condition of high temperature less than comparable oil evaporation loss effect, fundamentally guarantee the more reliable, long life of lubrication effect.


Easily provide strong oil film bearing, the copper/iron metal surface to form a special and effective protective film, easily reduce the running noise, significantly reduce the amount of friction and wear, so as to achieve a quieter running effect. Even under high load conditions, it is still easy and effective to avoid bearing carring shaft.

Painted on metal substrate has a very good rust and corrosion resistance, and can be compatible with mineral oil friendly, adaptability to seal material but also reflect the very good, can adapt very well nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber and silicone rubber seals, etc.

As a great measure of the harmonious nature with nature, it is well suited to the concept of environmental demand, which has excluded harmful heavy metals.

The all-round excellent performance ensures the perfect embodiment of the "life lubrication life effect". 

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