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The Selection And Characteristics Of Oil-free Self-lubricated Bearing In Casting
Aug 28, 2018

Selection of oil-free self-lubricated bearing

In order to solve the problem of high temperature, low speed, heavy load, dust, water sprinkling and shock vibration of mechanical equipment, oil free self-lubricating bearings are used.


1.the structure of the bearing self-lubricating bearing is developed on the surface of the bearing substrate metal friction pores Bimetallic bearing, orderly arrangement of the appropriate size and embedded mos2 and graphite etc Linear bearing made from composite self-lubricating block set on the metal sleeve, made of composite bearing, friction area of 25-65% of solid lubricants. Car bearing model query software bearing world.


Body self-lubricating block can work normally under the high temperature of 280 ℃. But due to its low mechanical strength, bearing copper bushing ability is weak, easy to deformation, it is embedded in the metal hole groove can inhibit the shortcomings, to form the metal parts load-bearing role, self-lubricating block lubrication. The self-lubricating bearing lubrication mechanism is in the process of shaft and the set of sliding friction, part of the self-lubricating materials transferred to the axis of the metal surface, fill tiny is not flat, and formed a relatively stable layer of solid lubricating film, solid lubrication film between the grinding, prevent shaft and set of adhesive wear.

The rationality of the combination of a combination of copper alloy and non-metallic antifriction materials of their complementary advantages, particularly suited to oil-free, high temperature, high load, low speed, anti-fouling, corrosion resistant, strong radiation in the environment movement, and in the water or other solution infiltration and cannot add grease used under special working conditions.


2.The self-lubricating block occupies an area more than the self-lubricating block occupies the surface area, which is related to the running speed, the pressure strength, and the running speed is low; The pressure strength is large, the area of metal should be larger. If the bearing self-lubricating block of the walking wheel is about 25%, the lubrication of the spindle is sufficient and the bearing strength is not very high. The self-lubricating block occupies about 65% of the area.

3. The technical requirements for the lining materials shall be made of alloy copper. The liner shall have a higher hardness, and shall be generally treated with heat treatment, whose hardness is not lower than HRC45.

4. Geometry and inlaying requirements of self-lubricating block. Since the shape of self-lubricating block has two kinds of columns and rectangles, the self-lubrication is based on the size of the area and the column shape can be adopted, whereas the rectangle can be used. No matter what shape must be inlaid firmly in case it falls off in operation.


5. The linear expansion coefficient of the liner with the axial clearance value is about 10 times that of steel. In order to adapt to the change of bearing temperature, the gap between the shaft and the bushing is set by the original metal part 4 (D4 / DC4) 0.032 ~ 0.15mm, and the increase is 0.45 ~ 0.5mm. Bearing enterprise navigation self - lubricating block protruding on the side of friction side of metal 0.2 ~ 0.4mm. This will be fully lubricated at the beginning of the bearing operation and reduce the power consumption.


A, oil-free lubricants or less oil lubrication, suitable for non-refueling or hard refueling, which can be used without maintenance or less maintenance;

B, good abrasion resistance, small friction coefficient, long service life;

C, with the right amount of elastic-plastic, the stress can be distributed on the wider contact surface to improve the bearing capacity;

D, the coefficient of static friction is similar, which can eliminate the creep at low speed, thus ensuring the mechanical working accuracy.

E, can reduce vibration, reduce noise, prevent pollution and improve working conditions;

F. In the process of operation, transfer film can be formed to protect the effect of the grinding axis and no bite axis.

G, the hardness of the grinding shaft is low, and the unadjusted shaft can be used, thus reducing the processing difficulty of relevant parts.

H, thin wall structure and light weight can reduce the mechanical volume.

I, the bushing material is brass, can be used in the corrosive medium. 

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