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Selection Of Oilless Self-lubricating Bearings Are What?
Apr 22, 2016

In order to solve the mechanical equipment of high temperature, low-speed, heavy load, dust, water shower and DX bearings lubrication problems with shock and vibration, oil-free self-lubricating bearings. 1 self-lubricated bearings, bearing structure was developed on the bearing base metal friction surfaces arranged in order the appropriate size holes, and embedded molybdenum disulfide and graphite composite made from self-lubricating block inlays on the metal sleeve, made of composite bearings, solid lubricant friction covers an area of 25-65%. Solid self-lubricating block 280 ℃ high temperature du oil free bushings to work. However, due to its low mechanical strength and carrying capacity is weak, easy deformation, embedded in a hole in the metal tank it can inhibit such shortcomings, forming a metal section bearing capacity, self-lubricating block lubrication. This lubrication mechanism of self-lubricated bearing in shaft and friction process, self-lubricating materials the part transferred to the axis of the molecule on metal surface, fill the tiny plane, and formed a stable solid lubricant film, resulting in wear between solid lubricant film to prevent adhesion of the shaft and sleeve.

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