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Simple Treatment Of Textile Sealing Bearing
Aug 21, 2018

The new cotton spinning equipment used a large number of sealed bearings due to dust, heat and high speed requirements. These bearings run after a certain period, because of copper bushing internal shortage of oil, resulting in the bearing dry and damaged. Such as imports of seal bearing on the air current spinning machine, quantity, material quality is good, but use after some years, could not be clean and grease, make the sealed bearing large damage to scrap, increase the equipment failure and unnecessary spending.


Two simple and effective cleaning and refueling methods are introduced. The first type Bearing manufacturer of sleeve cleaning refueling method is applicable to the bearing with clearance on both ends of the bearing shell. The method is to soak the bearing in the coal oil for 1 h and 2h, then make a special sleeve according to the outer diameter of the bearing, which can be cleaned and refuelled. The inner diameter of the sleeve is slightly larger than the bearing outer diameter of 0.05 mm ~ 0.08 mm, which is slightly lighter than the bearing. Clean the refueling procedure: add a proper amount of kerosene to the sleeve, press the bearing with the hand, and squeeze the coal oil out from the gap of the bearing itself, and repeat 1 or 2 times; After cleaning and drizzling, then add the grease to the sleeve. The bearing is placed in the sleeve with pressure Dry bearing . The bearing oil is in accordance with the demand. The second type is suitable for special closed bearings with gaps and positioning screw holes. Using positioning screw holes and bearing clearance are interlinked, bearing first soak 1 h ~ 2 h in kerosene, with special nozzle and inhaled kerosene oil gun, scoring bearing 2 ~ 3 times repeatedly, spray dry oil will be required to add grease gun.


The way to apply a variety of imported or domestic sealed bearing and special sealed bearing, the bearing such as can get regular cleaning refueling, will be able to extend its service life, and can save a lot of money and reduce the occurrence of bad car. 

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