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Slide Plate For Segmented Tire Mold
Dec 19, 2016

DNB#200 wear plate user have difference name on it, 

Below is user habit call it like: Segmented Mold Slide PlateSelf-lubricating plates for tire mold The selflubricating composite sliding materialOUTER RING SLIDING PLATESLIDE PLATE BOTTOM PLATESLIDE PLATE TOP PLATESLIDE PLATE TOP PLATE SMALESLIDE PLATE GUIDE PIECETOP WEAR PLATE DETAIL FOR SEGMENTED MOLDTOP TABLE SLIDING PLATEBOTTOM TABLE SLIDING PLATEGLIDING PLATE FOR ACTUATORSlide Plate for Radial Tyre MoldActuator ring wear plate for mold closeTyre Curing Containers Slide Plate Maintenance free slide bearingMaintenance free slide plates for tire mold container(DEVA-BM)

DNB#200 strength

Application in TIre mould container

Compare with tradition bimetal plate and DEVA plate.

1 : self-lubricating layer Porosity percentage about 25%. it can contain more oil in the sliding layer, the oil will come out when sliding working,

tradition wear plate can't contain oil on the sliding layer,

2: More strong adhesion strength result is 8.836KN. but normally bimetal plate is 3.514KN, inspection report was test by offical thrid part,

sliding layer won't wear down easily,

3: Due to above two reason, we gurantee our sliding plate can working over threeyear!


DNB-#200  is bimetallic bearing,Mechanical Performance is similar to  DEVA BM 312



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