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What Is The Technology Of Steel Sheath Steel Embedded?
Aug 10, 2018

1.It has the advantages of waterproof, leakproof, anti - seepage, anti - pressure and full - sealing. Steel sleeve steel directly buried insulating pipe has three layers of structure: medium steel pipe, anti-corrosion and supporting role of coat steel pipe, and the conveying pipe between steel tube filled with coat of superfine glass wool composition, including fillers can also be a graphite, silicate clay pipe shell or polyurethane foam.


2.Steel sleeve steel steam is suitable for conveying prefabricated directly buried insulating pipe are 2.6 mpa, below 360 degrees Celsius, steam or other high temperature medium Jiashan Bearing, because of its outer sheath formed by steel tube, not only high strength, simple construction, maintenance, not easy to damage, and a longer service life.


3.The reliability of groundwater infiltration is the main problem of underground direct buried pipeline. Besides, the excellent mechanical strength is also a problem that the pipeline cannot be ignored. Steel sleeve steel directly buried insulating pipe connection because the outer steel tube welding way, so it has very excellent sealing performance, and robustness of outer sheath pipe guarantee steel set of directly buried steel pipeline in the normal operation of the high underground water level area.


Application: 4 steam insulated pipe is widely used in the pipeline network of liquid and gas, thermal insulation engineering of chemical pipe, petroleum, chemical industry, central heating and heat network, central air conditioning ventilation ducts, municipal engineering, etc. Steel steel insulation pipe insulation structure on the basis of sliding mode is divided into different: sliding inside and outside slides inside a sliding type

 1, type: thermal insulation structure by working steel tube, aluminum silicate, drag reduction, microporous calcium silicate, heat insulation layer, stainless steel fastening tape, aluminum foil reflector, polyurethane thermal insulation layer, coat steel pipe, external anticorrosive coating. 

2, outside sliding type: thermal insulation structure by working steel tube, glass wool insulation layer, aluminum foil reflector, tighten belt, stainless steel sliding guide bracket, air thermal insulation layer, protecting steel tube, external anticorrosive coating. 

1. Anticorrosion layer: protect the outer steel pipe to avoid corrosion of the steel pipe and prolong the life of steel pipe.

 2. External protective steel pipe: protect the insulation layer from groundwater erosion, support the working tube and can withstand certain external loads to ensure the normal work of the work pipe. 

3. Polyurethane foam layer: ensure the temperature of the medium and maintain the surface temperature of the outer sheath. 

4. Barrier and reflector: ensure that the organic foam material does not enter the inorganic refractory high temperature layer; Reflect the heat in the high temperature layer. 

5. Inorganic hard insulation layer: high temperature resistance, ensure the interface temperature between the organic insulation layer and ensure that foam is not carbonized. 

6. Drag reduction layer: ensure that the working steel tube expands and shrinks the free movement. 7. Working steel pipe: ensure normal flow of conveying medium. 

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