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The Function And Maintenance Of The Car Clutch Separation Bearing
Aug 28, 2018

Clutch release bearing installed on the clutch, transmission within the separation bearing loose tube on the first shaft transmission tubular extension part of the bearing cover, release bearing by return spring beading always resist self lubricating graphite separation copper sleeve fork, and return to the last position, keep 2. 5mm with separation of lever clearance. Because the clutch pressure plate, release lever car bearing and engine crank synchronous operation, and the separation of the fork can only move, the clutch output shaft axis with separation fork to dial directly separate lever is obviously not enough, by rotating a separation bearings can make separation lever side edge of the clutch output shaft axial movement, so as to ensure the clutch can engage a smooth, separation of downy, reduce wear and tear, prolong the service life of the clutch and the whole drive train. The tightening wheel is a vulnerable part of spare parts, such as automobile, which can be used to adjust the tightness of the clutch bearing of the timing belt. In general, the belt should be replaced with the timing belt and the belt will be elongated easily. Some of the tightening wheels can adjust the tension of the belt automatically. In addition, the belt of the tightening wheel is more stable, the noise is small, and it can prevent skidding.


The clutch separation of the bearing is an important part of the car, if the maintenance is not good. Not only will it cause economic damage, but it will take a lot of time to dismantle and install it. So, find out import clutch release bearing failure reason, and in the use of preventive maintenance and reasonably, to extend the life of the separation of imported bearings, improve labor productivity, achieving good economic benefit has important significance.

The problems that should be paid attention to in the use of clutch separation bearings: (1) avoid semi-jointing and semi-detached state of the clutch in accordance with operation regulations, and reduce the use of clutch. (2) pay attention to the maintenance, periodically or during the annual inspection and maintenance, use the cooking method to soak the butter and make it fully lubricants. (3) pay attention to adjusting the clutch separation lever to ensure the elastic force of the return spring is in accordance with the regulations. (4) adjust the free trip to meet the requirements (30-40mm) to prevent the free trip from being too large or too small. (5) minimize the number of mating and separation times and reduce the impact load. (6) tread lightly and easily, so that it can be smoothly joined and separated.


Most of the maintenance personnel in the implementation of separation of bearing lubrication, the use of lubricating oil and grease all 50% after heating melting will release bearing into the oil immersion in boiling, the cooling method of the reentry after filling. This kind of practice although finished filling task, but the effect not beautiful, because heat can make the calcium base grease organizational structure damage, make the lubrication performance of the grease, lead to a premature release bearing wear, shorten its service life. The correct way to do this is to use a filler. The premium car must be adopted imported Lubricating oil.


1, the disintegration of the engine oil method separate the disintegration of the engine show bearing and bearing assembly, with a pointed mouth grease gun to the separation of oil bearing inner ring at the bottom of the small hole, have a butter overflow bearing rotating bearing, bearing a circle until butter overflow. After the above two methods of treatment, the release bearing can no longer go in half year.


engine oil injection method first open the clutch cover, observe the release bearing wear, if confirm there is no damage or wear not overrun, bearing, remove the clutch pedal, adjust the connecting rod shaft pin, make the release bearing and its return to the last position, with a pointed mouth to the hole of the bearing grease gun loaded with butter, until the bearing oil overflow, and then a little twist of bearing, oil again, repeat the above work, with a little butter until around the bearing are overflow, then make the bearing rotation, observe the oil amount, such as moving bearing resistance, that bearings have been filled with butter. Then remove the small amount of butter from the detached bearing seat and reassemble the dismantled pin and clutch cover. 

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