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The Motor USES Bearings For Cleaning Knowledge
Aug 25, 2018

The cleaning of the bearing on the shaft, mainly by spray oil or the method of spraying with oil gun, is easy to clean off the oil before using kerosene and gasoline Graphite bronze bearing; Difficult to clean off of oil, first in 100-200 ℃ hot oil leaching or oil gun spraying, and then clean with gasoline. Be careful not to use sharp tools to scrape the bearing: hard oil or rust, so as not to damage the rolling body of the imported bearings and the area of the grooves, and clean the bearings with clean cloth.

The normal cleaning method is to soak the bearing in the kerosene for 5-10 minutes, one hand to hold the inner ring, the other hand to rotate the outer ring, and the dry oil or anti-rust paste on the imported bearing will fall off. Then put the bearing into the cleaner kerosene, brush with the soft brush, wash the oil in the ball and seam, then wash Graphite inlaid lubrication bearing it in the gasoline for 1 time, then remove it and place it on clean paper. The ball bearings, beads, inner rings and outer rings should be removed and cleaned when the ball bearings and short cylindrical roller bearings are cleaned.


In cleaning the old motor or import the centripetal spherical bearing of the motor, you should put the ball, pearl frame transverse transfer from the outer ring, internal ring into hot oil, again after a short cylindrical roller bearing when cleaning roller, beads, also should be the inner ring and outer ring off. In the hot oil when cleaning, the oil temperature should not exceed 20 ℃. If the flame is heated directly, it should be noted that the oil is not burned, the bearing should be suspended in the oil pan, and the bottom will cause overheating and reduce the hardness.


Hot oil cleaning method due to the use of long, soft dry oil or rust cream hardening bearing, should dip in 100-200 ℃ hot oil, clamp bearing with forceps, brush with wool clean oil import bearings. Soft dry oil or rust paste is heated to 100-200 ℃ is melt, it is easy to flush out from a crack in the imported bearing. Sometimes you just shake the bearings repeatedly in the oil. Oil will flow through the cracks.

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