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The Use Of Oil-free Bushing? How To Use It?
Aug 10, 2018

Ring sleeve for cushioning effect

In the valve application area, the bushing is covered in the cover, and the stem is covered, and the DU Oil-free bushings corrosion resistant materials such as ptfe or graphite are used for sealing.


Function: DX Oil-free bushings protection shaft, seat hole, no wear and tear; Shock absorption, noise reduction; Reduce Assembly and maintenance;

Material: an imported THORPLAS can be considered;

Use: no grease, dry operation;

Installation: overwork fit


Replenishment: oil-free bushing, as the name implies, do not add lubricating oil JDB copper sleeve and grease, convenient in use and maintenance, save cost, time, cost;

Several points:

Now there are many in the market, there are three main types:

1. Metal matrix, generally copper lead, with holes in the surface and grease in the hole; The large amount of grease in the hole supports the operation.

2. Composite bushing, one is steel back + copper powder +PTFE teflon, the other is steel back + copper powder +POM poly formaldehyde; It belongs to the suppression molding; Lining the lining of the inner wall material to realize the operation, but very thin, fragile, the pressure can not bear;


3. Non-metallic self-lubricating bushing: true self-lubrication; Nylon, polyethylene, and sauron

Oil-free bushing is white copper set of improvement, at the time of design, if we will choose copper sets of light load and oil-free bushings, now most of the oil free bushing is steel plate, sintered spherical bronze powder, surface spraying some other substances, such as a mixture of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and lead (pb). The friction coefficient is small, wear-resisting is the characteristic of good and oilless lubrication. It is used in the sliding parts of all kinds of machinery, such as the printing press, textile machine, and body - machine hydraulic truck. Some of the sleeves are specially processed and can withstand high speed movement, but can not bear heavy loads. Oilless bearings are usually designed with low load and 1000 revolutions 

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