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What Are The Classification Of Sliding Bearing?
Sep 03, 2018

1. Non-complete fluid lubrication bearing

Lubricating grease, oil string and drip form are generally used, and the axial diameter and bearing surface are not lubricated, and the liquid oil film is not continuous. Simple structure, large friction factor and large wear.

(1) radial sliding bearing

A. integral

The gap between the shaft and the shaft cannot be adjusted. The structure is simple and the journal can only be removed from the shaft. Generally used for low speed, light load and disassembly allowed machines.

B. split

The gap between shaft and bearing can be adjusted. Installation is simple. This is often used when the machine is in trouble.

C. The axles can swing properly in the bearing seat to adjust to the deflection of the axis when it bends. For the deflection of the transmission shaft, the joint bearing is suitable for bearing the radial load at the junction of the swinging rod parts.


(2) thrust bearing

Commonly used flat thrust bearing, due to the lack of liquid friction conditions, and in incomplete fluid lubrication state, need to be used with the centripetal bearing. An occasion for bearing axial force.

(3) powder metallurgical bearing (bearing)

With porosity, oil in the pore, in a long time can not add lubricating oil and automatic lubrication, guarantee the normal work, but because its material is soft, so the load bearing capacity is low. For light loading, low speed and non-refueling conditions.

(4) plastic bearing

Compared with metal bearings, plastic bearings are lightweight and easy to maintain. Good chemical stability, wear resistance and fatigue resistance, and have the vibration, sound absorption, self-lubricating, insulation and self-extinguishing. But the thermal expansion coefficient is large, the thermal conductivity is low, the moisture absorption is larger, the strength and the dimension stability is inferior to the metal. Used in the speed is not high and cooling place with good sex, working temperature should not exceed 65 ℃, the instantaneous working temperature does not exceed 80 ℃.

(5) rubber bearing

Can absorb vibration and impact, in a environment with impurity wear-resisting, good corrosion resistance, but its unit strength is relatively low metal heat resistance is poor, not suitable for high temperature and contact with oil or organic solvent phase environment. The bearing in the ship shaft tube is used to reduce vibration and work in corrosive environment.

(6) wooden bearing

The wood bearing is of low price and low price, can absorb impact, the deflection sensitivity of the shaft is small, but the intensity is low, the thermal conductivity and the resistance to the humidity, wear resistance. It is used for light load vibration reduction, such as agricultural machinery disc harrow bearing, large-grained ore conveying pump bearing, etc.


2. Fluid lubrication bearing

(1) liquid dynamic bearing

The shaft neck and bearing work surface are completely separated from the oil film. The dynamic bearing must be: the bearing has enough speed; There is sufficient oil supply, the lubricating oil has a certain viscosity; There is an appropriate gap between the shaft neck and the bearing work surface. The multi-oil wedge dynamic bearing can satisfy the high precision rotary requirement of shaft and long life. Used for high speed and high precision machinery such as centrifugal compressor bearings.

(2) hydrostatic bearing

Journal and bearing by external supply of a certain pressure of bearing oil film separates completely, the formation of the oil film is not restricted by the relative sliding velocity, under all kinds of speed (including velocity is zero) have larger bearing capacity. The stability of shaft is good, can satisfy the high precision rotary requirement of axle, friction factor is small, mechanical efficiency is high, life is long.

(3) gas dynamic pressure and static pressure bearing

Gas dynamic pressure, static pressure bearing, use air or other gases as lubricants, friction factor is small, mechanical efficiency is high, can satisfy the requirement that tells operation. Gas bearings are used as gyro rotors and VCR bearings.


3. Non-lubricated bearing (plastic, carbon graphite bearing)

Operate in a non-lube or grease state. Less application.

4. Other

(1) solid lubrication bearing

It is lubricated by solid lubricant such as graphite, molybdenum disulfide, phthalein dye, polytetrafluoroethylene. For extremely low temperature, high temperature, high pressure, strong radiation, space, vacuum and other special operating conditions.

(2) a. Magnetic fluid bearing    USES magnetic fluid as lubricant;

B. Electrostatic bearing    force field makes the axis suspend;

C. magnetic bearings    use magnetic fields to suspend the shafts.

It is used in high speed machinery and instrument. 

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