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What Copper Has Self-lubricating Effect
Aug 13, 2018

Copper sleeve is usually made of copper alloy. It has no self-lubricating effect. It is made of copper alloy because Graphite copper sleeveā€™s hardness is lower than steel, and copper alloy is used as the loss part to protect the parts.


If you need to have the lubrication effect, can buy a Mould guide bush self-lubricating bearings, is some holes on the copper set of distribution, plastic embedded in the hole, such as ptfe or graphite, when the copper set of the shaft with internal mutual operation after a period of time, copper set of problems rise, plastic out of the hole, the plastic as a lubricant.


I used to use copper sleeve as a guide, and I used the self-lubrication sleeve that can be customized. It's very convenient. 

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