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CuZn25AI6FeMn3 copper alloys

  • #50HP Solid Lubricated Copper Bearing

    Contact Now#50HP Solid Lubricated Copper Bearing1. The #50HP solid lubricated copper bearing is based on high-hardness copper alloy with HB>245. It is a kind of solid lubricant inlaid non-oil bearing. A certain proportion of holes are drilled in the wear-resistant surface. 2. In view of mechanical strength and hardness, this product is...Read More

  • Coper Self-lubricant Bearing Bushing Copper Washer

    Contact NowCoper Self-lubricant Bearing Bushing Copper WasherMetallic self-lubricationg bearing Plug graphite bearings are primarily used in applications that need continual lubrication in hard to reach areas.Graphite is mechanicallu forced into the holes/grooves under extreme pressure. A film of lubricant is transferred to the shaft as it begins to turn...Read More

  • Cast Copper Thrust Washer.

    Contact NowCast Copper Thrust Washer.The feature of the Cast Copper Thrust Washer. 1. Excellent Wear Resistance: Excellent wear resistance is achieved under severe working conditions, such as heavy load, low velocity, reciprocating, oscillating and intermittent motions where the formation of oil film is difficult. 2. Total...Read More

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Jiashan Dernore Bearing Co.,Ltd

Address: No.668, Chengqiao Road, Chengqiao Community, Weitang Subdistrict, Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province, China

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Fax: +86-573-84027519

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Jiashan Dernore Bearing Co.,Ltd