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bi metal bearings

  • Sinter DNB#200 P20

    The DNB-#200P20 20mm thick wear plate is a kind of copper plate. It combines the wear-resisting property of a metal substrate with the self-lubricating property of a solid lubricant. There is no...
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  • Sinter DNB#200 Plate

    DNB-#200P10 10mm Thick Wear Plate 1.The DNB-#200P10 10mm thick wear plate made by our company is based on a metallic material. Its surface is sintered with an alloy layer which contains a solid...
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  • Sinter DNB#200P5

    The DNB-#200P5 5mm thick wear plate features low abrasion, high carrying capacity, easy assembly, and superb interchangeability. Oil lubrication is not needed by the abrasion resistant plate. This...
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  • Graphite Based On Metal For Milling Machine

    Standard material: CuZn25A16Fe3Mn3 + Graphite Characteristics: Have Incomparable performance under a high load, low speed operation. Also perform well without lubrication, Excellent wear...
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  • Sinter Wear Plate

    DNB#200-T Self lubricating Bearing The DNB#200-T Self lubricating Bearing is composed of wear-resistant sintered layer and metal substrate. Sintered Layer The sintered layer is produced from...
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