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Self-Lubricating Bearing Friction Contrast Test

Listed below is a friction contrast test of our oilless self-lubricating bearing in reciprocating motion.

ProductOilless Self-Lubricating Bearing and Similar Products
Opposing Material#45 HRC 43-47
Test ConditionConstant speed and constant load
Ambient Temperature17-23℃
Surface Pressure1.2MPa
Sliding Speed0.53m/s
Grease CoatingInitial stage of grease coating
Testing Time50 hours

Dispersed lubricant inside our DNB-#200 material can be clearly seen if magnified 50 times under the microscope.

  • Company A's steel backing sintering (magnified 50 times)

  • Company B's steel backing sintering (50 times)

  • DNB-200 steel backing sintering (50 times)

Test Result

Final Abrasion Loss (mm)Moving Distance (km)Final Temperature (℃)Average Coefficient of FrictionTesting Time (H)
Equivalent Product from Company B0.0079.54470.05550

Result of the Contrast Experiment between our DNB-#200 and the Equivalent Product from Other Company

1. DNB-200 Experimental Data 

2. Similar Self-Lubricating Bearing from Company B 

Final Wear Contrast

  • Badly Worn Product from Company A

  • Severely Worn Product from Company B

  • Slightly Worn DNB-200

A dispersed solid lubricant inside the DNB-200 lubricating layer can be clearly observed if magnified 50 times under the microscope. This experiment is completed at constant speed and constant load. The surface pressure is 1.2MPa, and the opposing material is #45 HRC 43-47. The sliding speed preset reaches 0.53m/s, and the test unceasingly lasts for 50 hours. The result indicates that our DNB-200 is the most wear-resistant when compared to self-lubricating bearings from other companies. Both its temperature and the coefficient of friction are the lowest during movement.

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